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72% of workers experience stress at work and wish their employers would help. 

(Statistics from the Mental Health Commission of Canada and Morneau-Shepell)


As the pandemic persists into its ninth month, Canadians are seeing the impact of the pandemic beyond their personal experience to its effect on others, including their co-workers. Over one-third of respondents (36%) report being concerned about a co-worker’s mental health.  

Thousands of people deal with mental health issues each day, affecting how they live, work and interact with the world.

We all agree that mental health is important, but how we approach it can be sensitive and at times confusing, especially in the workplace.

As an employer, we know you often want to be supportive of mental health and wellness for your employees, but you just aren't sure how or where to start.

Mindful Care Consulting is here to help!

In the current month [December], respondents were asked whether they have considered leaving their jobs since the beginning of 2020. Over one-quarter (28%) of individuals have thought about leaving their job. The most reported reason for considering leaving is increased mental stress/strain at work (53%).  

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Patient and Nurse

Care-Giving Businesses

Care-givers are trained in how to care for others, but are
often left unaware and unprepared for how this work affects them personally. They start with enthusiasm, end in burnout, and are left feeling like it's all just too much. This is a common stress cycle for many individuals, especially those in the care-giving field. For too long society has accepted STRESS as an inevitable part of our lives.

Find out how you can help your employees with their mental health.

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Corporate Businesses

Stress and burnout can affect your employees at any time and make them feel overburdened.


Individualized to your organization and employees, Mindful Care will work with you to develop a Mentally Healthy Workplace Plan addressing any mental health concerns your company has. We will identify clear paths to support your staff's wellness, and guide you in implementing specific strategies to decrease staff stress, burnout and turnover.

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