Why are we here?
Mindful Care's mission is to empower people to take control of their stress and well-being. 
We want to simplify mental health, for businesses and the individuals working for them.
By educating employees and management on effective strategies to deal with mental health, we put the power back in your hands to take control of stress instead of letting it control you, your work and your personal life.
The work-life balance shouldn't feel like an impossible, anxiety fueled ideal.
We incorporate our values, The ABC's of Mindful Care, into all of our consultations and teaching, so that clients learn and remain focused on how they can help themselves maintain positive mental health and wellness long-term. 


Awareness is the key component to recognizing where we struggle and how to help ourselves. By bringing greater awareness to our personal patterns of stress, we are better able to master them instead of being led by them.

Authentic Accountability


True personal awareness requires authentic accountability. We are responsible for our own mental health. We are liable to ourselves- stress and personal wellness are within our control. 


In true awareness of ourselves we find balance between the tension and ease of our lives. We strive for balance through flow and discipline in daily routines, consistently refining the blueprint for what balance looks like in our individual lives and businesses. 


We're always building connections- to ourselves and to supportive workplaces and communities that encourage our wellness.

"Wellness is a connection of paths, knowledge, and action."

Call now or check out Mindful Care's upcoming courses to find out how you and your business can integrate these values to build stress resilience, positive mental health and overall wellness.