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Mindfulness to Reset your Day

We often reach burnout and exhaustion because we don’t know how to take a break.

It may seem impossible. Between work responsibilities and home life- when are you supposed to take a pause for yourself?

There’s always something to do, so even if we do take a minute/hour/day to ourselves it’s layered with guilt because we can’t shake the feeling that we should be doing something.

The practice of mindfulness in essence is giving yourself permission to let go of that feeling- a practice of being, instead of constantly doing.

Implementing this practice can happen in small steps. We don’t have to stop our day and find a quiet space every time we want to be mindful. It starts with creating that space within yourself and allowing that space of peace and mindfulness to influence your state of being.

Here are just a few small ways to “make time” for mindfulness throughout your day that will help you reset and come back to yourself, instead of letting tiredness and stress snowball out of control.

1. Acknowledge your feelings .

You can’t process feelings if you don’t feel them first. The best way to avoid burnout is to take a pause-take several pauses whenever you need to- to breathe, feel your stress in your mind and body, and simply take inventory of what you’re experiencing. Any moments you take to be an observer of your feelings will allow you to process them more genuinely and effectively.

2. Move.

“Get out of your head”. Quite literally, just move. Give yourself a minute/hour/day to do nothing but experience the movement and sensations of your body. It could be a hike in the park, walk around the block, yoga, dancing, whatever. If you’re stressed, move your body.

3. Get outside.

When you acknowledge that you’re feeling tired or stress, getting outside and breathing those feelings into the fresh air can help you reset and give you an energy boost. Outdoors and exercise will always be one of the best remedies for anxiety and burnout in my books.

4. Write it down.

Have you ever been so busy caring for others and doing your job that you don’t even know what feelings you have to process, let alone how to process them? Take a paper and write down all the words that come to mind for 15-20 seconds. Don’t read them, just flip the paper over and start writing how you feel. You can use bullet points, pictures, curse words- just get the feelings out on paper. It may feel good to destroy the paper after, or hold it in your pocket and crumple it all day. Maybe you want to revisit later and journal or talk through what you’ve written. Sometimes just getting the feelings out is all you need.

All of these suggestions are to serve as small guides in your practice of mindfulness- giving yourself space/time/permission to feel what you’re feeling and move through it. Mindfulness doesn’t have to be a long mediation practice in order to have great effects on your stress levels and how you feel about your days.

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